Hydrodemolition Case Study

Ammlee Group International with were tasked with removing 9m³ of concrete spans on a foot bridge. The removal of South East Span String course 4,5m³ and also the removal of South West Span String Course 4,5m³ eas carried out robotically using the Nalta 101 Jet frame and 2600 bar at 30lpm.


Removal of East and West string course in order to strengthen the foot bridge.


Ammlee used a Nalta 101 to carry out Robotic Hydrodemolition to remove 9m³ of concrete, all hydrodemolition water was treated to maintain a PH of between 7 and 8.


Ammlee Group remove both section a total of 9m³ in 5 days an average of 1.8m³ per 10 hour shift was removed, 90 000 litres of hydrodemolition water was successfully treated and discharged back into the system. Ammlee continue to carry out large projects for this client.

Project details

Client: NDA

Services provided: Robotic Hydrodemolition

Location: Reading, United Kingdom

Timeframe: 5 days

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