Island of Ireland Case Study

Robotic Hydrodemolition Project

Ammlee Group International was hired to remove 13.75m³ of defective concrete from a bridge in Ireland using robotic hydrodemolition.


The bridge was designed and constructed in the early 1990s, the bridge is an important intersection of a number of key national routes in Ireland. The proposed modifications included removing the hard shoulder which was to be replaced with a shared pedestrian and cycle path.


To prevent loose debris and other contaminants from entering the river system or hitting vehicles passing by we Installed temporary scaffolding with protective barriers on the North side of the bridge.


We began to demolish the existing parapet using hydrodemolition (robotic and hand lancing) and captured all contaminated water using our water treatment system which filters water back to acceptable PH levels.


Ammlee Group successfully removed 13.75m³ concrete which resulted in the client requesting us to price two other bridge projects.

Project details

Client: NDA

Services provided: Robotic hydrodemolition, Hand lancing hydrodemolition

Location: Ireland

Timeframe: 15 days

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