Civil Engineering

AmmLee Group has been providing hydrodemolition, concrete repair, and concrete pile cropping services supporting civil engineering projects for more than 20 years across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Our industry leading methods are preferred by engineers. 
Hydrodemolition is a vibration free, dust free, and cleaner method of removing and replacing defective concrete, road surfaces, and masonry, resulting in a quicker, cleaner, and more accurate result compared with other methods.

Hydrodemolition produces a better quality surface to apply new concrete or surface materials, leading to a higher quality, faster, and more cost effective result.

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Civil Applications

Bridge Decks

Work completed around watercourses or traffic requires stringent safety controls for members of the public & passing traffic, as well as a responsibility to protect the environment against pollution or contamination.

Using hydrodemolition AmmLee Group is able to remove any defective concrete and bridge deck surfaces as well as creating a perfect bonding surface for new surface application. 

Using water treatment systems, we are able to ensure water released back into the watercourse is free of contaminants, debris, and at an acceptable PH, protecting the watercourse. Combining this with protective barrier solutions ensures the safety of passing traffic and members of the public.

Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair services are designed to accommodate for the challenges of bridge repairs, marine structures, and buildings. 

Concrete can become damaged as a result of spalling, high temperatures, or corrosion of structural reinforcements caused by exposure to rain or seawater. 

We will prevent the spread of concrete deterioration by blasting away any damaged concrete with a technique known as hydrodemolition, this technique involves the use of a 2,800-bar pressurised water jet. What is left is an area of sound concrete that makes an excellent bonding surface for new concrete application without damaging existing concrete or reinforcements.

Road Surfaces

Hydrodemolition is the preferred method of road marking, line removal and road surface preparation due to its speed, cleanliness, and efficiency. 

Using a pressurised water jet we are able to remove line markings without using hazardous chemicals, or abrasives eliminating damage to the underlying surface or to the surrounding environment. 

Hydrodemolition can be used to remove defective road surfaces, leaving a clean and well prepared surface for replacing asphalt, concrete, or other surface materials.

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