Concrete Pile Cropping

Successfully cropping concrete piles locally, nationally and internationally for 20+ Years.
Pile cropping also referred to as pile cutting or pile breaking is the process of removing or cropping concrete piles without damaging the embedded rebar.
We are typically approached by clients wanting to crop concrete piles to a specified length without damaging the reinforced rebar embedded within the concrete.
Traditionally concrete cropping was performed with a jackhammer, but this approach left operatives injured and the embedded steel being damaged.
Our approach to concrete pile cropping 
Our approach for cropping concrete piles involves using a technique called Hydrodemolition which uses only high-pressure water to remove any excess concrete from the concrete pile to the desired length.
The benefit in our approach is Hydrodemolition does not damage the reinforced rebar embedded within the concrete or cause injury to operatives such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) due to the lack of vibration in our technique. 
The result in using our technique (Hydro demolition) over traditional methods will significantly reduce the risk of operatives being injured and reinforced steel from being damaged saving thousands in personal injury claims and repair costs.

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