Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition

Hydrodemolition is the most effective environmentally friendly way to remove concrete using only high-pressure water.

Manual hand lance hydrodemolition is an ideal solution if you need to demolish a small surface area of concrete, or if the location of the demolition is not suitable for our robotic hydrodemolition equipment.
As such, manual hand lance hydrodemolition is the keyhole surgery of the construction industry enabling precision demolition work in hard to access locations.
Our hydrodemolition process involves no harmful chemicals, only water. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers accurate and clean demolition in which dust levels are minimal. 
Upon finishing every demolition project we use a Siltbuster HD pH adjustment system to treat water that was used in the process of removing concrete to bring PH levels back to 7 to avoid site contamination, as a result this is a far cleaner solution than traditional forms of concrete demolition.

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Why Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition?

In situations when we can’t deploy our hydrodemolition robot, we will revert to manual hand lance hydrodemolition in the following situations.

Restricted Access

When space is limited and not accessible by our hydrodemolition robot we will revert to manual hand lance hydrodemolition to remove concrete.

Limited Water

In cases when water supply is limited, a manual hand lance approach is a more viable solution for removing concrete.

Smaller Surface Area 

In some cases only a small fraction of concrete needs to be removed, in this instance a manual hand lance approach is more effective.

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