Manual Hydrodemolition Services by Ammlee Group International

Ammlee Group International provides expert manual hydrodemolition services for various industrial and commercial projects. Our experienced technicians utilize high-pressure water jets for accurate and controlled concrete removal and selective demolition.
Technician performing manual hydrodemolition

Advantages of Manual Hydrodemolition

  • Precision in removing concrete and surface contaminants.
  • Enhanced control for preserving surrounding structures and materials.
  • Reduced vibrations, minimizing structural stress.
  • Ideal for small projects or limited access areas.

Manual Hydrodemolition Applications

  • Partial or selective demolition of concrete structures
  • Removal of deteriorated or damaged concrete
  • Concrete surface preparation for repair or reinforcement
  • Bridge repair and maintenance

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Is Manual Hydrodemolition the Right Choice for You?

Manual hydrodemolition offers precision and control, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring accurate concrete removal or selective demolition. Consider factors such as project size, precision requirements, budget, skilled labour availability, safety concerns, and time constraints to determine if manual hydrodemolition is right for your needs.

How much does hydrodemolition cost?

Hydrodemolition is a popular method for removing concrete from surfaces using high-pressure water jets. It is commonly used in construction, industrial, and infrastructure projects to remove old or damaged concrete from bridges, roads, and buildings. The cost of hydrodemolition can vary depending on the size of the project, location, and the company you hire. In the UK, the cost of hydrodemolition is between £800 and £2200 per cube or day rate. read more...

Top 5 Benefits of Manual Hydrodemolition

  1. Precision and control: Manual hydrodemolition allows operators to carefully control the high-pressure water jets, ensuring precise removal of concrete or surface contaminants. This level of control is crucial for selective demolition and preservation of surrounding structures or materials.
  2. Reduced vibrations: Unlike traditional demolition methods, manual hydrodemolition produces minimal vibrations. This helps to minimize structural stress and potential damage to adjacent materials or structures.
  3. Environmentally friendly: Manual hydrodemolition is an eco-friendly option as it uses only water and does not involve harmful chemicals or abrasive materials. This makes it an ideal choice for projects with environmental concerns or restrictions.
  4. Suitable for limited access areas: Manual hydrodemolition can be used in areas where automated equipment cannot be utilized due to space limitations or access constraints. This flexibility allows it to be used in a variety of project locations and conditions.
  5. Skilled labour utilization: Manual hydrodemolition requires trained and experienced operators, ensuring that the job is performed with care and expertise. This can result in higher quality work and reduced risk of errors or accidental damage.

The Pros and Cons of Manual Hydrodemolition


  • Precision and control: Ideal for selective demolition and accurate concrete removal.
  • Reduced vibrations: Minimizes structural stress and damage to surrounding materials.
  • Limited access: Suitable for small-scale projects or areas with restricted access.
  • Environmentally friendly:Uses only water and does not involve chemicals or abrasives.


  • Labour-intensive: May require more time and manpower than automated methods.
  • Slower process: Can be less efficient than automated hydrodemolition for larger projects.
  • Skilled labour: Requires trained and experienced operators for effective execution.

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