Concrete Cutting

Diamond concrete cutting is the most effective way to precisly cut through concrete.

AmmLee Group is a leading diamond concrete cutting and drilling specialist with more than 20 years of experience.

Our concrete cutting services are ideal if you require a clean and precise cut through very tough concrete.  We can achieve this by using specialised diamond-tipped cutting equipment.

Concrete cutting is most commonly used to cut through reinforced concrete to provide structural openings, new windows and doors and other structural changes.

Our company provides diamond concrete cutting services across the UK & Ireland with the ability to complete projects internationally if required.

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Concrete Cutting Services

Diamond Wire Sawing 

Diamond wire cutting is the ideal solution for cutting large reinforced concrete structures, the sawing wire is laced with diamonds and operated at a safe distance using a pulling system to slice through the reinforced concrete.

Diamond Wall Sawing

In situations where we need to provide structural openings like doors and windows, we will use a diamond wall saw also known as a track saw that features diamond tips to cut through horizontal and vertical concrete.

Diamond Floor Sawing

Diamond floor saws are the ideal solution when clean and straight cuts are required, our diamond floor saws are capable of cutting through most concrete surfaces including but not limited to roads, pavements and concrete slabs.

Diamond Core Drilling

Additionally, we can also provide diamond core drilling to deliver accurate and clean holes/openings in any diameter you require.

Controlled Demolition

In cases that require a more aggressive approach, we can provide controlled demolition services to remove concrete using our robotic demolition machines which are operated remotely at a safe distinct.

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