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Hydrodemolition, also known as hydro-jetting or hydro grinding, is a technique that uses high-pressure water jets to remove old or unwanted concrete, asphalt, or other construction material from surfaces, mostly during repairs. This is the safest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly method that can be used to restore the foundation of properties or remove old sidewalk concrete prior to installing new surfaces like tile or pavers, saving you time and money when compared to traditional demolition techniques.

Hydrodemolition has come a long way since its early development in the ’70s, and we’re glad we’ve learned and grown in this industry as well. For over 20 years, Ammlee Group International has been serving clients globally, from England to South Africa, Swaziland to Scotland, and back to Northern Ireland. The one thing that has remained constant across these borders is the effectiveness of the hydrodemolition process, with a number of other benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Hydro Demolition?

Since hydrodemolition is a water-based process, it boasts higher efficacy while presenting a host of benefits to the environment and the demolition process. They include:

  1. There are zero chemicals involved, so collected water can be treated and recycled
  2. Minimal dust and noise levels
  3. Saves time and money
  4. It’s reliable in small spaces and most useful in industrial settings
  5. No matter the age, rebars on any reinforced concrete structure remain intact and undamaged
  6. Hydrodemolition results in a clean, higher-quality surface necessary for bonding
  7. Selective concrete removal with zero damage to sound concrete.

Types of Hydrodemolition

We specialize in offering mainly two types of hydrodemolition:

1. Robotic Hydrodemolition

This is the safest way to carry out hydrodemolition. The robots we use, Conjet’s Robot 101 Nalta and Aquajet’s ERGO GO and Aqua Cutter 410A, are flexible, speedy, and can work in areas that pose a safety risk to manual hand lance operators.

2. Manual Hand Lance Hydrodemolition

This process requires the expertise of a manual operator and is most practical for small surface areas or areas that are hard to access. Therefore, we only resort to manual hand lancing where robotic demolition is impractical.

At Ammlee Group, having mastered our craft allows us to offer you either robotic or hand lance hydrodemolition in all methods, including hydroscrarification, partial depth removal, and full depth removal.

What Are the Drawbacks of Hydro Demolition?

There are minimal drawbacks to hydro-jetting, the most obvious being that the process requires large volumes of water to be effective. Additionally, a proper water collection and control system is needed to avoid a runoff.

Another challenge is the safety issue. When working on vertical and overhead structures, there’s an increased risk of injury, which begs the need for professional hydrodemolition experts since they are more aware of the risks involved.

Reliable Hydrodemolition Services

Our hydrodemolition service pack covers complete concrete removal, whether underwater or on land, concrete repair to solve batch problems, and formwork inspections that are necessary during reinforcement repair. Offering quality hydrodemolition solutions to our clients at an affordable price, we also balance the pH of the collected water with the Siltbuster HD pH adjustment system after demolition to avoid site pollution. 

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What is Hydrodemolition

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