Line Marking Removal

Line marking removal locally, nationally and internationally for 20+ Years.

At AmmLee Group International we offer professional road marking and line removal services with over 20 years of experience across Ireland, The United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa. 
Our method of choice for road marking and line removal is by using ultra-high pressure water jetting, also known as Hydroblasting.
Using Hydroblasting we can remove road marking and lines whilst mitigating the risk of damage to the underlying surfaces across many applications, including car park bays, road markings, runway markings on airfields, playgrounds, and warehouses.
Hydroblasting is widely considered the most practical, safest, and cleanest method of line removal resulting in less damage to underlying surfaces, less pollution, and less risk to operators when compared with traditional methods such as using thermal lancing, scabbling, or pneumatic chipping. 

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