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Industrial tanks come in different shapes, sizes and hold various of different liquids and chemicals, due to the toxicity of most liquids and chemicals industrial tanks need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent a build-up of sludge or toxins from damaging the tank.
The internal maintenance of an industrial tank or vessel is important to prevent blockages or the contents of the tank becoming contaminated due to bacteria.
We can prevent sludge or spread of contamination by cleaning the tank using high-pressured water equipment with a technique called hydroblasting to remove any build-up of sludge or to prevent contamination, the solution is clean and environmental with no use of harmful chemicals.  

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Common Reasons for Tank Cleaning 

In general, it’s best practice to regularly clean your tank to prevent issues and to maintain

Internal Inspection

Industrial tanks are regularly inspected to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet regulatory guidelines before an internal inspection can be performed, the tank must be first safely cleaned and prepared for inspection.

Change of Product

Occasionally industrial tanks will swap the type of product that is being stored, during this transition the tank must be first cleaned and prepared before storing a new form of liquid. 

Tank Issues 

If tanks aren’t regularly maintained and cleaned they become prone to develop problems over time, causing blockages or contents of the tank becoming contaminated due to bacteria.

Case Studies

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Robotic Hydrodemolition

We specialise in cleaning a diverse range of industrial tanks, in all different shapes and sizes with many of them presenting very different challenges.
  • Above-ground storage tank (ASTs)
  • Underground storage tank (USTs)
  • Vertical storage tank
  • Horizontal storage tank
  • Fixed roof storage tank
  • Floating roof tank
  • External floating roof tank
  • Internal floating roof tank

Our Tank Cleaning Process

Cleaning industrial tanks can be challenging and dangerous, we have the experience and equipment to ensure the tank is cleaned in a safe and professional manner using high-pressure water equipment a technique know as hydroblasting. 
Depending on the situation we can use operatives to manually clean the tank or deploy a robot in conditions that are too hazardous for human intervention which can be controlled at a safe distance. 
Due to complexities of tank cleaning our team will first formulate a plan before any cleaning commences to reduce any issues that may arise, this will ensure a smooth cleaning process from start to finish. 


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