Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Are you looking for a heat exchanger cleaner?
Heat exchanger fouling can result in a reduction in performance, reduced lifespan, and increased costs for the maintenance and replacement of damaged components.

AmmLee Group International has a track record spanning over 20 years of providing professional heat exchanger cleaning across Ireland, The United Kingdom, Europe, and Africa.
Our preferred method of heat exchanger cleaning requires a technique using high-pressure water jetting, also known as Hydroblasting.

Hydroblasting is a non-destructive method of cleaning heat exchangers which removes debris, contaminants, deposits, and chemical residue with an extremely high degree of accuracy. A water jet is propelled toward the surface at a particular angle and pressure by a high-pressure pump. The water jet’s adjustable pressure enables the operator to tailor the pressure to the area being cleaned. The surface is subsequently swept by the water jet in order to allow the high-pressure water to penetrate the surface and get rid of any contaminants.

Hydroblasting is also a secure and environmentally responsible method of cleaning surfaces, as it uses no harsh chemicals or abrasives. As Hydroblasting is non-destructive, it is suitable for fragile components and enables our operators to reach areas that are not possible to access with other mechanical heat exchanger cleaning techniques.

Using Hydroblasting, AmmLee Group International will ensure increased performance, prolonged heat exchanger lifespan, and reduced downtime & associated costs when compared with other methods.

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