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Ammlee Group have successfully completed a number of projects in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Staffordshire Project

Project Details:

Project: Manual Hydrodemolition using a Hammelmann HDP144
Client: NDA agreement
Timeframe: Completed in 20 hours split between two 10 hour shifts removing a total of 3 cubic meters of concrete
Location: Staffordshire, West Midlands of England
Contract value: --

We received a call from the client who urgently needed our expertise as the current hydro demolition company was unable to successfully complete the project and needed finished immediately.


The client site had no water on-site, we successfully overcame this challenge by transporting 30,000 litres of water in order to complete the project.


We removed a total of 3 cubic meters of concrete in 20 hours across two 10 hour shifts. The client was extremely happy and used our services a week later on the same site. If you would like to hire us for hydrodemolition services, please get in touch for a Free, No-Obligation Quote.

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