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Ammlee Group have successfully completed a number of projects in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

North East Highlands of Scotland

Project Details:

Project: Hydrodemolition Project
Client: Kishorn Port LTD
Timeframe: 16 hours
Location: 400 miles away in the north east highlands of Scotland
Contract value: £10,000

The project was 400 miles away in the North East Highlands of Scotland. Ammlee Group International received a call on the 2nd of May 2020 at 8:30am from a client who was desperate for hydrodemolition to be done on a dry dock wall seal.


Previously the seal was leaking and the client had poured concrete down it to seal it, this concrete was supposed to be a low strength concrete but when they tried to remove it they found it difficult with the jack hammers and the water ingress was not helping the matter.


On the 2nd of May 2020 AmmLee Group agreed to mobilise the same day to start the work on Sunday the 3rd of May as there was a ship to arrive the following day.

By 12pm the Saturday AmmLee Group had got the equipment ready method statement done and was on the road to the rescue.

We arrived onsite at 7pm Saturday and got the equipment setup and assessed the job at hand. The following morning at 6am we started the hydro demolition project. 

We removed the concrete surrounding the H-Girder and cut away the seal. We could only work up to the water line; the job was done from a man basket lowered down by a crane.

Once we did what we could which took 3 hours it was then up to the dive team to take over from here. The dive team used our equipment to cut the remaining 3m of concrete underwater. This also took around 3 hours.

Once the dive team finished with the underwater hydrodemolition, they then had to cut a couple of bars for the H-Girder then to be removed.

Once the bars were cut the H-Girder was pulled up and moved to a secure location for the concrete in the middle section to be cut away.

We used our Hughes UB30 pump at 2600bar 26Lpm to remove the concrete.

All in all the job took 16 hours to complete and the client was extremely satisfied knowing that his operations wouldn’t be affected and surprised at how quick we got the job completed.


“The gate came out as planned and the vessel was taken straight through, it was a textbook operation, it could not have gone any better. Thanks to the Ammlee team for being a big part of this operation”

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