Asphalt Drum

Hydroblasting Project

Ammlee Group International was tasked with hydroblasting an asphalt drum using 1000 bar at 231 litres per minute.


Ammlee was hired for hydroblasting services to unclog an asphalt drum using a tank cleaning nozzle.


Ammlee successfully and efficiently cleaned the asphalt drum. The job was completed in less than twelve hours and only 350 litres of Diesel was used, whereas with the previous contractors the work could take up to two and a half days to complete using 1600 litres of Diesel.


Ammlee successfully unclogged the asphalt drum with hydroblasting in 12 hours with only 350 litres of diesel. The job was more efficient and to a higher standard than previous jobs.

Project details

Client: NDA

Services provided: Hydroblasting

Location: Scotland

Timeframe: 12 hours

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