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What is Diamond Drilling?

Diamond drilling is a type of drilling technique used to cut precise holes in hard materials such as concrete, masonry, and stone. This type of drilling is often used in construction and engineering projects, as it is capable of creating precise, clean holes with minimal dust and debris.

What is Hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is an industrial cleaning process that employs high-pressure water jets to effectively remove contaminants like dirt, paint, rust, and more from various surfaces.

How much does hydrodemolition cost 2023?

The cost of hydrodemolition can vary depending on the size of the project, location, and the company you hire. In the UK, the cost of hydrodemolition is between £800 and £2200 per cube or day rate.

Unveiling the World of Wire Sawing: A Comprehensive Guide by Ammlee Group International

Ammlee Group International, a world-renowned company with a strong reputation for offering top-notch construction, engineering, and cutting services, proudly presents our comprehensive guide to wire sawing.


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