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Leading specialists in Hydrodemolition & Hydroblasting

Ammlee Group was founded in the early 2000s by Neal McArthur, who has been working in the water jetting industry for more than 20 years. 
The company headquarters is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is managed by founder Neal. 
Ammlee Group also maintains an office in London which is managed by Ashton Coetzee. Ashton is the director of operations in England and has been working in the water jetting industry for more than 15 years.  
Over the last 20 years, the company has completed hydrodemolition and hydroblasting projects in countries including South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. 
Ammlee Group is able to dismantle, transport, and re-assemble equipment to carry out work in the harshest of environments in a cost-effective manner. 
Our philosophy is to travel to wherever our expertise and experience is required. All of our services are available internationally, so no matter where in the world your project is taking place, we have the expertise and experience to help.
AmmLee Group can provide competitive prices for hydrodemolition, hydroblasting, and other water jetting solutions. In many cases, we are able to match or beat prices quoted by local contractors, so if in doubt please get in touch for a free no-obligation quote. 
If you would like to work with Ammlee Group please get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your project. 

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Our team is world class in water jetting with more than 20+ years experience in hydrodemolition and hydroblasting. We have completed projects in some of the toughest sites in the world including the Mponeng Gold Mine, in South Africa

Neal McArthur


Mr. McArthur is the founder and CEO of the company. 


Ashton Coetzee

Director of Operations

Mr. Coetzee is the director of operations in England.


01 Experience

When you work with us, you are benefiting from more than 20 years’ experience in the water jetting industry. We have the technical and logistical know-how to undertake any type of water jetting project. Since we have done it all before, we offer reliability and consistency, and serve as a useful sounding board for your ideas.

02 Safety

We operate to the highest levels of safety, using robotics equipment and manless entry on hazardous sites. Our hydroblasting and hydrodemolition services use only water, so we provide an environmentally friendly service. We also restore pH levels of the water after use to avoid site contamination.

03 Efficiency

We use state-of-the-art equipment to carry our hydroblasting and hydrodemolition work quickly , precisely and efficiently. The work we carry out is also priced competitively to deliver cost efficiencies for your project.