Hydroblasting is the most environmentally friendly way to clean and restore surfaces or industrial machinery to their original condition using only clean high-pressure water.

Hydroblasting can clean almost any durable surface or machinery without using any toxic chemicals. We have successfully cleaned marine structures, Industrial tanks and pipelines, as well as having removed unwanted graffiti, line markings, and chewing gum with our hydroblasting services.

Our hydroblasting contractors have more than 20+ years’ experience in providing hydoblasting and water jetting services in challenging industrial environments.

Our previous industrial hydroblasting projects include cleaning two miles below the surface in the world’s deepest mine, Mponeng Gold Mine in South Africa and managing the cleaning shutdown for the Sasol power plants in South Africa in 2013.

Our vast international experience over the years has made us one of the most trusted hydroblasting companies in the industry.

However, don’t take our word for it we are a proud member of the water jetting association, the longest established and most influential body in this sector.

We are currently based in the UK & Ireland. However, our philosophy has always been the same, which is to travel to wherever our expertise and experience is required no matter where in the world your project is taking place.

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Hydroblasting Services

Ship Cleaning

Ships are naturally exposed to corrosion. However, with regular maintenance, our hydroblasting services can eliminate corrosion early by removing the affected areas and applying  anti-corrosion coating.

Industrial Equipment Cleaning

Industrial equipment such as Industrial tanks, industrial pipes, and more are prone to corrosion over time if not regularly maintained. If corrosion is not identified early and dealt with quickly it can be extremely costly.

Line Marking Removal

Trying to remove surface markings can be an extremely difficult task without the right equipment. Our hydroblasting services are the perfect solution and can effectively remove line markings with very minimal damage to the road surface.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is more than just vandalism, it can also damage some surfaces and requires more than just elbow grease to remove. Using hydroblasting we can remove graffiti quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Paint Removal

Paint once applied to any surface can be difficult to remove. However, with hydroblasting, we can remove it quickly, safely and cost-effectively leaving the surface ready to be re-painted.

Rust Removal

Rust can cause significant damage to iron or steel over time if not dealt with correctly. The solution to rust is to remove the rust with hydroblasting as early as possible to stop the spread of corrosion.

Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is hydroblasting?

Hydroblasting is a technique for cleaning surfaces, which relies entirely on the energy of water striking a surface to achieve its cleaning effect. Abrasives are NOT used in hydroblasting systems.

How does hydroblasting work?

Hydroblasting works by using high-pressure water to remove tough surfaces without any toxic chemicals, it’s typically used to remove road markings, corrosion or to prepare surfaces for coating.

What are the benefits of hydroblasting?

The benefits of hydroblasting are it’s chemical-free, cost-effective and doesn’t damage surfaces making it a perfect solution for surface preparation or removing corrosion.


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